Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lesson Learned

Damn ... I surprised myself today. It turns out I learned a lesson but didn't realize it until this evening.

The weather is pretty pissy today so I didn't go for my usual walk in the morning. Usually I have breakfast between 7-8 and by 11 I am starting to get hungry. Today I wasn't hungry at breakfast time so I just had 2 pieces of toast. By noon ... I was hungry but not ravenous. It was just a normal hunger. I had a regular lunch.

Come 5Pm and I am still not all that hungry. Which is surprising, I am usually ready for supper come 5. Just based on instinct because it was always our supper time growing up it is time to eat. Not today. I was just starting to feel hungry.

Come 5:30 I figure I should get something. I decide to treat mom to Subway. I picked up 2 6in flat breads. When I got home it hit ... I hadn't walked today. I hadn't burned the calories I normally burned. So I wasn't hungry. I have finally learned to listen to my body when deciding what to eat and when.

I guess I had learned the lesson subconsciously but never actually realized it. In some ways I have gone down a long road in a relatively short amount of time. Decades of not listening to my body and in 14 months I finally learned to do it. Now to just keep it up.

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