Monday, August 15, 2011

The Weekend

After all the rain we had it ended up being a beautiful weekend. It was next to impossible to stay inside. Now I am getting ready for one of my brothers and his wife to visit.

I love my brother but he is high maintenance. He like to push peoples buttons and does things just to get a reaction. I can usually ignore him, which drives him crazy. He is damn loud too. But we always have a good time when he visits.

This time his wife is coming. She is SUPER high maintenance and louder than him with a shrill voice. He will do things to annoy her and get her going. I am not looking forward to that. Yes, there is other family in town, but he always ends up spending most of his time at our mother's and/or with me. Which I don't mind ... but both of them? I already have a headache anticipating things.

Of course this means I will get to play tourist and take them around. I should have some pics of Peggy's Cove and Lunenburg to post.

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