Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shit Kids Say ... when telling you something is bad.

My sister and her then 3.5-4 year old son were in a line up at a store.

Nephew: Mom, fuck is a bad word isn't it?
Sister a little shocked: Ummm ... yes it is. You shouldn't say that word.
Nephew. Oh I didn't say fuck mom. Billy said fuck yesterday. He shouldn't have said it right?
Sister: That's right. And you shouldn't say it either.
Nephew: Oh I didn't say fuck mom! Billy did. I wouldn't say fuck!

People around started chuckling as my sister was getting red in the face with embarrassment.

Sister: Ok, just don't say it.
Nephew: Yes mom. I won't say it.
Sister: Good boy.
Nephew: Billy's parents should tell him that saying fuck is bad.
Sister embarrassed and trying not to laugh: Yes they should.
Nephew: Fuck is bad.
Sister: Yes, now stop saying it.
Nephew: But Mom I didn't say fuck. Billy did.
Sister: Ok, stop talking about it now. Billy was bad and
Nephew: fuck is bad too.
Sister: Yes.

At that point my sister didn't think she could continue without either breaking out laughing or dying from embarrassment. Everything my Nephew said was in a very serious voice. Luckily he found something at the checkout to distract him and their conversation ended. The cashier and people around had a good chuckle over it.

She still chuckles about that from time to time.

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