Saturday, August 13, 2011


One of the nicer ways I while away my time is playing a game simply called Dice with my brother and friends. I heard about dice a lot over the years but it wasn't until the last few years that I actually played it. It isn't a cerebral game but it is a great way to spend time with friends.


5 Six-sided dice, paper and pen for scoring, friends to play with.


The first person to 10,000 points exactly wins.

You need to score 1000+ in order to start posting points.

You can roll the dice as long as you score points. For example, if you roll a 1, 2 2's, and 2 3's you can roll the 4 non-scoring dice. As long as you have scored your initial 1000 you can take any dice total. If you only roll a 5 and the rest non-scoring then you can take the 50 points and not roll again. Most players keep rolling until they score at least 300 points unless they have a plan.

(Among my group of Dice players taking 200 or 250 points is called doing a "Seymour". He always claims to have a plan. )

Trash talking makes the game more fun.


A 1 is worth 100 points.
A 5 is worth 50 points.

Runs of 3 1's equals 1000, 4 1's equals 2000, 5 1's equals 3000
Runs of 3 2's equals 200, 4 2's equals 400, 5 2's equals 600
Runs of 3 3's equals 300, 4 3's equals 600, 5 3's equals 900
Runs of 3 4's equals 400, 4 4's equals 800, 5 4's equals 1200
Runs of 3 5's equals 500, 4 5's equals 1000, 5 5's equals 1500
Runs of 3 6's equals 600, 4 6's equals 1200, 6 6's equals 1800

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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