Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TV News

I don't usually watch the news anymore. It is usually a bunch of sensational crap. I turned the news on at lunch time today and was greeted with the perfect example of what is wrong with the news.

The top story was the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and new problems coming up. The second story ... Lindsay Lohan will be going to jail. What the f ... errr kimchi .... er maple syrup?!?!?

Some dumb self destructive bitch like Lindsay Lohan rates almost as high as the disaster in the Gulf? This is part of what is wrong with society not just the news. We waste so much time on idiots like Lohan and not on what matters.

The news people need to get their priorities together. Mind you so do the viewers. Stop accepting drek and BS.

Addendum July 21, 2010.

A new story is dominating the headlines in Canada and it exemplifies what I was complaining about. Conrad Black is out on bail. Oh calloo callay, oh fractious day. Life can now go on because this rich fucking asshole is now free on bail. Everything had halted in the world until this news was delivered. Clinton announced new sanctions against North Korea, astronomers have found a monster star, a jet hit turbulence that left 21 people dead ... but that is not as important as conrad Black being released on bail. Fucking morons.

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