Monday, July 12, 2010

Mook of the Week

A first for this Blog but not for my Korean Blog. I would be remiss if I didn't point out Canadian Mooks when I encounter them. There seem to be less than in South Korea for some reason though.

As mentioned in a previous post I recently went on a road trip. The going was pretty smooth on the way down to Digby but on the way back I ran into, not literally, 3 of the same kind of mook.

The speed limit was 100 to 110 KPH. The mooks in front of me were doing from 80-90 KPH, usually 80ish, and no more. That is until you had the chance to pass them. A lot of the highway is 2 lane. There are passing lanes along the way and of course the old dotted line down the center. Whenever the opportunity arose to pass the asshole (and the other 2) would speed up as soon as you got close. As soon as the opportunity to pass ended they would slow down again. Thus forcing you to REALLY speed to get past them at the next opportunity, or run them off the road and kick the shit out of them if the survived. I choose the former as there is not usually jail time involved. The first two mooks I was only behind for 10-15 minutes. Bad enough but no THAT bad.

Now this mook , Mr. (or Mrs. or Ms.) Nova Scotia license plate CED 559 in his (or her) piece of shit red Hyundai Sonata, was the worst of the three mooketeers. I was behind him the longest. Probably 25 minutes. At one point I was up to 130 to pass and the asshole matched it. Then slowed down.

I saw a turn off for Kentville and had wanted to stop there for coffee. My luck seemed to be changing for the better. This idiot would drive off and I would get coffee. Nope! At the last minute the piece of shit cut in front of to use the exit. Not only did the mook almost cause accidents when people tried to pass they had to try and cause one at the exit. When we got to the stop light I got my digital camera from my Uncle (who already turned it on) and snapped this picture. (And forgot about it until looking at some of the pictures from the trip today.)

The mook is actually lucky. 10 years ago I would have followed them from the light until they stopped and confronted them. I guess I have mellowed a bit over time.

You, the driver of the piece of shit Hyundai Sonata license plate CED 559 ... you are a fucking mook and a menace to all who drive in Nova Scotia. Just like the mookette in South Korea whose stupidity and selfishness caused the death of 12 people and injury of 12 more. I hope you stop driving or smarten up before YOU kill someone.

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