Wednesday, July 21, 2010


One of my brothers has the GREATEST backyard I have ever been in. Mostly in part due to his wife, my sister-in-law, but don't tell him that. She is fantastic. My brother had their backyard leveled and she took care of setting it up and decorating.

I was lucky enough to house sit for them and got to spend a few days enjoying their backyard. Mom gave them some awesome solar powered lights They really enhanced their yard at night.

My ... our ... backyard needs a lot of work. A lot. I have done some. Jill, my sister-in-law helped me out a bit today. She brought some hastas (sp?) and helped transplant them. I got some solar powered lights. The yard is starting to look good. And at night with the lights on ... damn. Nice.

If I stay home I will be doing a lot of work in the back yard. If I don't I still will because I want it there when I come back. :)

After a hot sunny day there is nothing quite like relaxing in your back yard with a cool drink. Often accompanied by a cigar.

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