Saturday, July 10, 2010

Family BS

While I missed my Family while I lived in South Korea I didn't miss some of the bull shit that comes along with every family.

My mother isn't fragile but she isn't in perfect health. She has a heart problem that she is on medication for. Add to that the fact she is a worrier.

Then you have her sister, my Aunt. I love my Aunt but she is too much like her mother. That means she is a nosy, gossipy, bitch. She is never happier than when she is meddling in peoples lives and causing trouble carrying tales.

My Uncle was coming to visit and bringing my cousin. (My cousin is special needs.) Prior to the visit there is a spate of phone calls from ... my Aunt. She would prattle on and on to mom about my Uncle. My Cousin. And shit loads of stuff that just isn't anyone's business but my Uncle.

My Uncle never lets you know when he is leaving. He lives 3 provinces away, about a 18 hour drive. Usually he will drive straight through only stopping for fuel and food. Sometimes he will sleep in his car. Since he has his son with him he might get a hotel room. So we knew roughly when he was coming and were ready.

Of course, my aunt, being her usual self, had to call my mother one evening, when she knows we are eating dinner. That is her favourite time to call. she had to let mom know that my Uncle left that morning and would be there the next day. Now she wasn't calling for him. He never asked her to. She just took it upon herself to do it. Probably because it gave her another chance to gossip and slag my Uncle and the other relatives there.

Oh, I don't talk to my Aunt on the phone other than to say hello. I have no time for her bull shit. I tend to tell her off when she starts it, no one else seems to do it, so she would rather get my mom who will listen and say nothing.

The next day arrives. No Uncle. Mom is starting to worry. That evening no uncle. The Aunt has called a couple of times and has started doom and gloom scenarios. So mom is really worrying and not resting.

Next morning no Uncle. Mom hasn't slept because she is worrying too much. She has visions of a car accident thanks to my bitch of an aunt. I end up taking my mom to the RCMP to see if his name has turned up in an accident report. There isn't much they could do since me had no plate number or make of car. His name didn't show but that didn't make her feel much better.

That night he showed up. He hadn't come straight to see us. Instead he took a side trip to PEI. My Aunt knew he was doing that but never mentioned it for some reason. It made it easier for her to cause problems that way. Instead of just minding her fucking business she got my mother all wound up.

There has been a bit of that shit going on, not just with my aunt, since I got home. A few family members have been told. A few more are working their way to it.

It kind of kills the joy of being around family again.

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