Sunday, July 18, 2010

Taco Bell or Tasteless Hell?

With all the chatter on the Korean Blogs I read, and write, about Taco Bell I found myself hankering for some Mexican food. since I didn't feel like driving into Halifax and going to Mexico Lindo (stupid me, that would have been best) I settled on Taco Bell.

I got the Big Box Meal. It gives you a beef taco, a cheesy gordito, and a bean & chicken burrito. It also comes with a drink and cinnamon twists.

A word of warning. Unless you like the texture of pork rinds with a mild cinnamon taste stay away from the cinnamon twists. My dog eats ANYTHING and he had second thoughts about the cinnamon twists. He ended up eating them but you could see him almost turn his nose up at them.

The beef taco was about what I expected. A little bit of soupy minced beef. The spice was ... missing. I used the hot sauce. The hottest sauce they give. It didn't live up to what you would expect with the word hot in the title.

The gordito was palatable There was more beef goop and you had a meaty flavour. Nice crunch with the 2 styles of taco shells. Once again the hot sauce disappointed.

The burrito was bland. Actually using the term bland is being nice. It was a little too goopy which made it messier than a burrito usually is. When I compare it to the burrito I used to get at Road King in Cheongju it pales. The Road King Burrito was very flavourful. You could taste the meat, the veg, everything. Hell the dump I would take after a Road King Burrito would have been better than the Taco Bell one I had. Then again what can you expect from fast food?

So, my desire for Mexican food was not sated. I can't in good conscience call the Taco Bell stuff Mexican Food. If I was in Korea the odds are curiosity would have seen my trying Taco Bell once, IF it was in Cheongju. It isn't something I would ever go out of my way for. After having some today it confirms that I could get a much better taste of Mexico at Road King in Cheongju than I could at Taco Bell.


  1. Yeah, I made the mistake of eating at Taco Bell today. The first time I have in about a year. The tacos and nachos supreme I had were completely tasteless, I may as well been eating cardboard. I remember once upon a time I used to enjoy the taste of their food, I think they used to make it a lot better or maybe just eating high quality food nowadays their food just pales in comparison I'm not sure.

  2. I used to think hot sauce could save anything until I ate Taco Bell.