Saturday, July 17, 2010

Moronic Drivers

There are some glaring differences between drivers in Korea and those in Canada. One aspect is how they deal with stop lights.

Many Koreans will simply ignore them. If there is nothing coming they will simply drive through. some drivers will go through even if something is coming. They won't even try to slow down let alone stop for the red. Usually, they will beep their horn as they speed toward the read light. Waiting is not in their play book.

If you are stopped for the red that can lead to problems. Drivers behind you, especially taxi drivers, will often start blasting their horn because they want you to run the red light. Or they want you to at least pull out into the intersection so they can go around you or make a right hand turn. If you ignore them the honking will continue. Sometimes it is accompanied by yelling and screaming. I have even seen them follow through the light when it goes green and then cut off the person who waited. All the while screaming at them.

Here it seems to be the opposite. Some drivers are SO damn slow to move when the light turns green. This isn't so bad when you are going straight through or making a right hand turn. When you have to make a left on a flashing green it can be frustrating. Especially at rush hour.

It is like they are in their own little world when the light changes. They sit there. No one beeps. Then they move after a few seconds. Mind you this doesn't happen with just the first driver. Often drivers behind are just as slow.

Now I am not saying everyone should nail the gas and tear out as soon as the light changes. However, if only 2-3 cars get through a flashing light that 7-8 SHOULD have been able to easily get through then there are some class A mooks screwing everyone else over.

A part of me wants to see what would happen when you get the two types of drivers together. A Korean driver behind one of these snail like Canadian idiots. I wonder who`s head would explode first? My money would be on the Korean driver but you never know.


  1. It's like Jeff Spicoli says: "People on 'luudes should not drive."