Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Amityville Horror

It is Halloween night and after handing out candy to the kiddies I am

watching the original Amityville Horror.

19 minutes in. The real estate agent sold them. The priest has fled.

Margot Kidder is in pigtails. SHWIIIIIINNNNNNGGGG! Damn she looks good.

Even better in pigtails.

So, WWID? What would I do? Flee like the priest? No. I would do Margot

Kidder. Damn that pigtail look.

Seriously though, DAMN! :) Flee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I heard a disembodied voice tell me to get out I would hope I had enough sense to get the hell out. After doing Margot Kidder. :)

The story is good and the signs are subtle. He turns to the dark side.

Evil shit starts happening slowly.

The basement. Damn. The basement.

Margot Kidder doing ballet in her undies. Damn.

I hope they realize the ghosts are watching them fuck. Or at least we are.

Scarily enough this isn't what I remember of the movie. I remember the evil horror shit.

This could be called the Flannel Family moves in to a hautned house. Damn! Kidder still has one legging on.

God damn that cat!

And the wood chopping starts.

God damn ... that skirt. If you don't put the axe down and take her right now you have to be possessed!

George, you are possessed. Seriously though, if you think those 2 bags are a weeks worth of groeeries you are starving.

The build ups to all out batshit haunting is subtle. I like that.

Hmmm ... so a demon possessed house keeps religous people away? Hmmm ... bye bye Jehovah Witnesses?

George ... let her warm you up. Damn! You possessed.

"There was a presence in the house." Damn!

When he was ordered to sit teh Priest should have told the "superior" priest to fuck off.

Damn. It was a good watch when I first saw it and it still is.

I hate flies!

The orange upper lights are evil. EVIL!

Kill Jodie!

Fuck the basement.


The Last Night!

Oh yeah. Get the fuck out!

Watch this!

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