Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Facebook wants my input ... again.

What a coinkydink. I mention that craptastic Facebook survey and it popped up on my Facebook page AGAIN.

Give feedback eh? Now to me that means I will be able to tell them what I think about Facebook and how I think they can improve it. But to Facebook it just means ...

... their craptastic survey. They will show you 10 sets of images and you choose the 1 you would prefer to see on your news feed. News feed being their way of saying Facebook page. What news "stories" do you get shown?

They take "stories" friends have posted that appeared on your page and ask you to either choose between the two or hit can't decide. Wow. What a great measure this is"news" I would want to see. What a great way to give input!


And as I mentioned in my previous post, you will get one image showing up multiple times.

The cat video "news story" showed up FOUR FUCKING TIMES. I didn't choose it the first or second time so why keep bringing it back?!?!?

You really suck at getting feedback from people Facebook. Stop pretending you really care what people think and just go about doing whatever like you used to. If you aren't prepared to REALLY accept input from people just fuck off.

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