Monday, October 5, 2015

The Babadook

Tonight I am watching the Babadook, another recommended movie.

Intense opening. Then meh.

Wow. What an inventive brat. I guess she never heard of the benefits of a wooden spoon.

And the brat is in trouble. No, he needs a full time monitor!

Yes, his name is Samuel. But he is a boy AND he needs help. Mom, you aren't helping.

Yeah, your kid jumping and yelling about smashing "his" head is no sign that he needs help.

Holy shit that kid is a screamer ... and seriously in need of some discipline. And I am not even 10 minutes into the movie. Dunno if I will be able to watch this.

Interesting book. Maybe letting the brat pick a book wasn't such a good idea.

Yeah, I see where this is going, I just don't care. Samuel just isn't that sympathetic. Neither is the mother.

Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!! OK, the vibrator is making me chuckle. Yet I am still not caring about the characters. I just keep wondering how the brat is going to interrupt her orgasm. And that is how. Damn! OK, now I feel some sympathy for the mother. Orgasmus Interruptus.

And she went into the basement. Didn't she see Scream?

OK. The kid is seriously fucked in the head.

24 minutes in. Still not caring. Boredom is setting in.

Even if the Babadook is setting the kid up ... the kid is still seriously fucked up. Or she is. Or they both are. Or ... fuck I just don't care.

No Amelia, it is true. You can't cope.

Damn. Samuel is going all Damian.

Yet still all I see is a fucking brat that has been allowed to act out his whole life and is probably fucked in the head.

Even if they finally introduce the Babadook as being "real" Samuel has been set up as just a brat too much to find any sympathy for him.

"Why don't people like me?" At least it is a kid asking. I once had a grown ass adult co-worker who went around asking people "Why don't people like me?" One night he asked me if I find him annoying. I said yes. He didn't know how to react. But I digress ... because this movie is boring me.

35 minutes in. I know the Babadook will eventually be revealed and the kid was the only one who saw it. But I just can't find any sympathy for him or his mom.

36 minutes in. knock knock knock. No one there. Babadook arrives. Book on the door step. All torn up inside. Yet I still don't care.

OK, the book is actually interesting. More interesting than the movie. Showing her deterioration. Maybe it is all about her descent into madness and not his.

She burns the book. And now she gets phone calls from Babadook.

OK, if the movie is about Amelia's descent into madness it makes more sense. Yet I still find it hard to care.

Had to stop watching 50 minutes in. I want my time back.

OK started watching it again. The book was prophetic. Damn. Kid is taking her to town! That will teach you to be psychotic or possessed.

OK, now it is like Home Alone meets The Exorcist and ... I am starting to find some interest. :)

OK, I was wrong. I have some sympathy for the kid now. The movie took a twist I didn't expect. Definitely an Exorcist overtone now.

I am starting to like it ... a bit. Holy fuck it was slow getting to this point. If the lead in were more interesting, yet still slow, it would have been better. It pretty much made me want to stop watching.

OK, the conversation with social workers was funny.

And Amelia and Samuel have bonded over the Babadook that is in their basement. That mom brings worms to.

The end. Thank fuck. Such potential wasted.

And I used OK way too much.

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