Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What is trending on Facebook today? 1

There is still no option to get rid of the trending BS that Facebook forces on us. Mind you there is a good side to it, if I don't want to have the score of a game ruined for me it makes me stay away from Facebook. Seriously though, they pick the stupidest fucking trending topics to force on me. Like todays shit.

Why would I give a shit if Jim Carrey's ex-gf was married to another man when she died? Considering that Jim Carrey is single and she is his ex I would have been surprised, if I cared, to hear that she was married to him. Fucktards.

I don't even care that his ex-gf died. Call me cold but I don't know him. I didn't know her. Or her family. So why would her death have any impact on me or hold any interest unless I am some morbid fucking death fetish kind of person?

Burger Kings black whopper turns your shit green. Once again, don't give a fuck. Hell, I don't even eat at Burger King now that I live in a country with Wendy's. At least this "trending" is a tad interesting for a laugh.

Even the "trending" that holds some interest for me is fucked up. The blurb is talking about what happened a couple of days ago. It doesn't mention the current news, that Kassian is suspended without pay and is on level 2 of the NHL's substance abuse program.

No new. Shit news. Old news. Nothing new when talking about the BS trending that Facebook forces on people.

Fuck you Facebook.

You REALLY want to know what I have to say? Don't put out some piece of shit "survey" that doesn't actually allow me to tell you what I think. Give me a place to leave a comment that will be at least read by someone at the company. Hell, even if it isn't read it would make a lot of people think you actually did care what they thought.

Like I said, fuck you Facebook.


  1. What really depresses me is the news feed on Yahoo, which features story after story about some celebrity or other (the Kardashians dominating, of course).
    It's not "news" as I understand the term.
    What it does is remind me of how old I am. I've never heard of half these people, and I'm constantly saying to myself, "Who the FUCK is _________?!"

  2. I gave up on Yahoo News a long time ago. The media, and so-called media, focus on the attention whores too much.