Thursday, October 15, 2015

A friend of mine re-facebooked, hey if retweeted is a word so is re-Facebooked, an image.

To the first part I say ... you are a fucking Canadian (the friend who re-Facebooked this) not an American. We DO have gun laws. The point of gun laws is to KEEP THEM OUT OF THE HANDS of the "few lunatics". Not just the criminals, which the quote totally ignores, but the lunatics. The lunatics in the US who GET GUNS because the laws, such as they are, don't stop them. Would you rather have a "7 Day Wait of Shame" or a lunatic getting a gun? Then pass some fucking gun control laws  to keep them out of the hands of the few crazies and stop being a cunt.

As to point 2 ... oh please fuck off and stop trying to pit the sort of haves against the have nots. Once again ... YOU, the re-Facebooker, are a Canadian. We don't have Social Security. We have "Employment Insurance" (because the Cons think Unemployment Insurance is too negative) and Welfare. One is meant to help the disadvantaged the other to help seasonal workers. BOTH have been targeted by the Conservative government. Are you against both or just one? Because both are abused by SOME of the users. Oh wait, some ... a few ... doesn't that hurt your first argument? Should you blame ALL of those who use it because of the few who abuse it?

Yeah, I thought so. That post told me a lot about you.

Fuck off.


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