Monday, October 5, 2015

The Bell Witch Haunting

Tonight I was watching The Bell Witch Haunting. I say was because holy shit this is horrible.

I am 25 minutes in and I have skipped shit to get this far in. Is it a teen angst ridden T&A movie? A horror movie? Or just a piece of shite?

I only started watching it because I have read about the Bell Witch and the history around what happened.

Stupidly enough the only reason I have hit play again is because I am hoping it will get interesting. If it doesn't within 10 minutes I will probably stop watching.

Good god I don't think I can even go another 5 minutes ... oh what is this? Meh ... hard to care.

Fuck me. I can't even make 30 minutes. This movie just plain old sucks. Even T&A and panty clad ass can't save it.

Do yourself a favour and run, do not walk, RUN away from this movie.

Piece of shite.

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