Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What the ... comedian?!?!?

So ... a "comedian", Scott Vrooman, thought it would be funny to pretend to be a Senator-elect and get into Parliament. He was videoing himself on his phone.

“I thought, I’ll wing it. It’s improv comedy,” he said in an interview. “But improv-ing with the police is not the best idea.”

No. Really?  How about improving with Police at a place that was shot up by a gunman just over a year ago? After said gunman murdered a Soldier? Time and place fucktard. Time and place.

It reminded me of a moron we dealt with one night at work. I was talking with our Supervisor and two other guards at the front entrance when this mook approached us and started "improving". He looked at us and said;

"Wouldn't it be funny if I robbed this place?"

I looked at him as if he was a drooling moron and said "No."

He replied "Yeah. It would be funny. I know the owners (He didn't.) so I would give the money back. I wouldn't be charged. It would be funny."

We all looked at him as if he had 3 heads and I said "No. It wouldn't be funny."

He went on "It would be funny. I know them (the owners) so I wouldn't be charged. Hilarious!"

We all gave him dirty looks and he went outside for a smoke. I shook my head, looked at my Supervisor and said "Would it be funny if I yelled fire in a theatre? Hijack or bomb in an airport?"

The general consensus was that this guy was mental or just didn't get that his sense of humour wasn't funny. He didn't appear to be showing any signs of intoxication, He was just a douchebag.

Said douchebag finished his smoke, came back in, and picked up where he left off.

"It would be funny!" he said "I know the owners so the cops couldn't charge me."

We just shook our heads and looked at him as if he were mental.

"You just don't get it!" he said "I know them. I gave the money back. The cops can't touch me. It is hilarious."

"Would you say hijack on a plane?" I asked.

He had no answer.

"It just isn't funny." I said. "There is a time and place."

He threw his arms up and walked off in disgust. Mind you, he didn't go far. He went and sat at a table about 10 feet from us. Then he started staring at us, throwing dirty looks at our Supervisor.

Our supervisor's reaction? Call Surveillance and let them know we were throwing someone out. and we did. Fucking moron.

It also reminds me of the assholes who pull  "social experiments". Have people act like assholes to get a reaction from others and cry "social experiment" when it bites you in the ass.

But I digress.

In the article it said "In an odd bit of timing, he was worried about getting arrested because he was planning to risk arrest later that day at a climate change protest outside 24 Sussex Drive."

So, he didn't want to get arrested for public mischief because he planned on risking arrest in a protest later that day. Wow. What great reasoning. I believe he is a comedian because his reasoning is so hilarious.

The police politely talked to him and warned him about what he was doing. Another officer with a rifle approached and watched while he was talked to. An officer who is so armed because of what happened last year with a gunman.

Vrooman said: “I just felt like that was totally unnecessary and creepy. Because they knew at that point I was no threat, that I was a comedian,” 

Yes. They knew you were no threat and a comedian because ... you told them that. Why the fuck would they think you might not be? Fucktard, He felt is was unnecessary and creepy? How the fuck do you think the RCMP officers felt when some moron tried pretending to be a senator-elect and get into Parliament?

There reaction IS necessary because there are assholes out there who shoot places up and murder people. While Vrooman isn't one of those assholes he does seem to be another variety of asshole.

Vrooman is upset that his humour back fired. Was he shot? No. Arrested? No. Tasered? No. Yelled at? No. Did an RCMP officer hurt his feelings by telling him he could be charged with Public Mischief? Yes. Poor muffin.

Get over yourself.

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  1. It is hard to escape the stupidity of assholes.

    They should have tased Vrooman.