Thursday, November 12, 2015

What the ... seriously?!?!?!?

A friend asked we what I thought about the Remembrance Day controversy the Chronicly Horrible, I mean the Chronicle Herald, was going on about. Not having paid attention to the news I had no idea what he was talking about.

It turns out that during the Remembrance Day ceremonies taking place the Halifax Regional Police deployed armed members. My first thought was ... great. They made sure that if anything happened the right people were there to respond. What controversy?

Well, having armed police ready for anything has angered some people. What the fuck?!?!? Seriously?

“If ever there is a day to put the guns and these costumes away and say we are not afraid, this is it,” John Wesley Chisholm posted on Facebook, along with a photo of two officers in tactical gear.

Others commented on Twitter, asking the force why the more imposing gear was necessary during a public event and on a day for honouring veterans and those killed in combat.

I guess I just had a nightmare last year when a gunman murdered Nathan Cirillo and shot up Parliament. If that had happened no reasonable person would wonder why the HRP had officers ready for anything on Remembrance Day. Oh wait it did happen. And they were ready. Lest We Forget.

The main mook behind the complaints seems to be Stoo Metz.

Stoo Metz posted, “Seeing guns like this in the hands of @HfxRegPolice scares me more then the terrorists. #Halifax”

“It doesn’t make me feel safe,” Metz, a Halifax photographer, tells Yahoo Canada News. “It makes me worried we have less and less freedom because the guards now have bigger guns.“

What worries me is that the media panders to assholes like Metz, who is probably just looking to make a name for himself and sell more photos.

Seeing guns in the hands of the police scares you more than terrorists? Fuck off cunt.

Did the "guards" inconvenience you in any way? No.

Did they stop you from taking photos to sell?  No.

Did they infinge on your freedoms? No.

They were there to make sure no piece of shit hurt anyone.

Did you thank them? No. Instead you vilified them.

Fuck you Stoo Metz and all the assholes who posted shit in support of you.


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  1. What a bunch of whiny prats!

    Look at what just happened in Paris! Why wouldn't the police have been at events armed and ready?