Saturday, November 21, 2015

Jurassic World

The movie tonight is Jurassic World.

A friend gave me a copy of a CAM version he got. Considering it was recorded in a theater it is DAMN good

Strangely enough, it was recorded in a theater in South Korea. How do I know? It has Korean Subtitles. My Korean is pretty weak after so long away but I actually found it interesting to try and follow along. :) I will be saving this copy.

It starts off mundane enough. Ok Parents aren't going.

Kids that are related to someone in the park will be the focus. Homages are paid to Jurassic Park and Hammond.

It is interesting so far. The whole idea of marketing a hybrid to a company.

The new version of Hammond, Masrani, thinks he can fly a helicopter. Heh.

Helicopter pilot is throwing up.
Aunt "Are you ok?" 
Masrani "He is just being dramatic." 
Well played. :)

Damn Pratt has the raptors well trained.

I am liking it so far. Looking forward to the field test.

"Maybe progress should lose for once." Word.

25 minutes in and I am definitely being entertained.

God damn, I never would have thought it but the Hangul is making me nostalgic about my time in South Korea.

Ok, back to the movie, Pratt's character, Owen, and the aunt, Claire, almost have a thing going. Will it evolve? Will she make him instrumental in saving the new kids on the block ... I mean in the park? Only time will tell.

"Oh Shit!" Yeah. Damn. The hybrid is on the loose!

God damn! It is on the move. Makes T-Rex look like a pussy!

"It's in the cage! It's in there with you!"

Oh yeah, he's dead.

And because Pratt sliced the gas line ... he's alive. Damn. I have to remember that one for the zombie apocalypse. Better than zombie blood and guts.

Ok, so the asshole who wants to weaponize the raptors is an asshole. What an epiphany. Hope the raptors eat him. Heh ... they probably will. :)

Easy to see where Pratt and the raptors will be heading.

Some tough brotherly love on the topic of divorce.

Really? Kayaking through dino areas. Fucktards. Where is the new chaos theory exponent?!?!?

Here comes some food. I mean an attack team with non-lethal weapons.

So much for the tracker. So much for the attack team.

Damn she is badass. I bet you regret making her now. If you were smart you would. But you can't see beyond the error of your ways can you?

"Evacuate the island." Too late.

Owen: "You made a genetic hybrid. Raised it in captivity. She is seeing all of this for the first time. She does not even know what she is. She will kill everything that moves."

Ok, so, they used DNA to create a prehistoric douchebag.

Masrani: You think the animal is contemplating its own existence?

Owen: "She is learning where she fits on the food chain and I'm not sure you want her to figure that out."


"All of this exists because of me. If I don't inovate someone else will." You are such a good little soldier aren't you. Don't question. Just do. My father fought your kind back in the day ... what were you called then ... oh yeah Nazis. I was just following orders. Fucktard.

And now she worries about her nephews. Wow she is so ignorant about her nephews.

I am still not liking Claire. Owen is great.

The rescue is on.

So the genetically created dinosaur is hunting for sport. Like the fucking piece of shit dentist that killed Cecil the Lion. What a piece of shit.


And I got so wrapped up in watching the movie that I forgot to type anything. Speaks volumes about the movie.

Is that the old Jurassic Park main building?!?!? Nice homage.

Very nice homage.

Ok, this movie wants me to watch the Jurassic Park movies and THEN this movie again. Well done. :)

Moral of the story ... always keep your weapon on you. And be able to run. RUN!

Another homage.

"Its like the fox in the hen house." Someone really needs to kill that piece of shit. Soon.

"That's a first." No second for you fodder.

Bwahahahahaha .... an air raid siren!!!

Ok, Claire and Pratt are definitely going to be knocking boots.

"You are all relieved. There is a new team on the ground." A team of cunts led by a cunt. Ok Pratt is leading them, not the Ingen cunt.

She looks fine all sweaty.

"I am their alpha." Heh.

"We'll always be brothers."

"No matter what!" Word!

"Your boyfriend is a badass." Heh.

Go Raptors!!!

"Watch your 6! Raptors got a new alpha." And carnage ensues.


I like this movie. :)


"Please no, don't tell your mom about that ever." Heh :)

Oh fuck me. The friend zone.

It is kind of funny. InGen is still the villain but managed to make enough inroads to really fuck things up.

I can't believe the InGen fucktard is still alive. Come on Blue. Kill the piece of shit!

Go Blue! Go Blue!

God damn!

And double god damn. Bryce, I mean Claire, looks good. :)

Get some more teeth!

"Why did you have to make it personal?" Bwahahahahaha!

And that is a lot more teeth!

DAMN!!!! I guess the fishy one was hungry!

Heh. She had to warn them that their parents were coming.

Ouch. I think her sister is pissed.

"So what do we do now?"
"Probably stick together. For survival."

Good movie. Watch it!

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