Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Anonymous Caller Rejection

How unfortunate for Eastlink customers.

Rogers offers a service called Anonymous Caller Rejection for home phones. It gives anonymous callers the option of showing their number or not being able to reach you. They even make it simple to use. Dial *77, wait for the busy signal, hang up. Voila it is activated.

Eastlink doesn't offer anything like that. Their Customer Service people can't even tell you if they plan to offer something like that.

Considering that telemarketers are now blocking their numbers to show up as private/anonymous numbers this feature is fantastic. Which makes it frustrating to be an Eastlink customer.

When I talked to their Customer Service about this the first thing they said was "Yes, we have a service."

I said: "I hope you don't mean *60 because that  only works if the number is showing."

He replied: "No I think it is *67 ... ohhh .... no it is *60."

"Yeah, As I said, that is useless if they block their number."

"You could use call trace to ..."

I cut him off "Call Trace is ONLY useful if the Police actually want to go after a telemarketer. Even then you usually have to trace a call 4 or more times before they will do anything. IF they actually want to try and go after them."

"That is true."

"This is unfortunate. It might be time to think about switching. Have a nice day." And I hung up..

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