Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Where was the outrage?

I see all the international outrage and condemnation taking place because a small church of whackjobs has threatened to burn the Koran. Where was this same outrage when Islamic whackjobs in the US threatened death to the makers of South park and FOX?

You can't turn the news on right now without seeing some international figure spouting off about how stupid the Christian whackjobs are. How their actions could lead to the death of Americans. Main stream Christians are scrambling to be seen as against the burning of the Koren. Even the US State Department, which concerns itself with things OUTSIDE of the US, has issued statements condemning the whackjobs.

Yet, when Islamic whackjobs made threats in America against Americans where was the outrage? Oh, there was coverage of it. Lot's of coverage. Even international coverage. Most of it just presenting the situation. Some of it giving voice to the person who posted the threat saying it wasn't a threat just evidence about what happens when people mock Mohammed or show his image.

Where was the outrage then? Domestic or international? The threat to burn a book is worse than a threat to people?

Yes, the Christian whackjobs are a bunch of morons and it is good to see others of that faith quickly speak out against them. It would be nice to see the "mainstream" Muslim community speaking out against their extremists and maybe even trying to stop them. Just don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

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