Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Facebook yet again.

Ok, this time the stupidity that is Facebook is actually hitting me and not a friend.

An old co-worker, 9 or so years ago, sent me a message to say hi. We decided to re-connect and I sent a friend request. Or rather I tried to. I got a message from Faebook saying I COULD NOT send them a friend request!

I had to ask contact Facebook and ask THEIR fucking permission to to be friends with someone. What the bloody hell?

So, I follow their link to request THEIR permission to send a friend request to my old co-worker. I have to say what I am trying to do and explain why AND tell them about my recent friend request activity. What the fuck? All they have to do is check their fucking logs and they can see my friend request activity or lack thereof.

How do I know they have logs? They have used them to temporarily ban my friend from sending friend requests. you know, my other posts bitching about the stupidity of Facebook. About the only thing I have done lately is suggest some friends to other friends.

Then there is the kicker, a warning message of sorts. The warning is that it could take a while for them to see and address my "request" because they are so busy. Of course the fucktards are busy they create so much extra work for themselves!

All I wanted to do was send a friend request to an old co-worker. They were an adult when I worked with them 9 or so years ago so i assume they haven't regressed and are still an adult. Which means I am not some pervy adult trying to send friend requests to kids they don't know. Why the blue hell do I have to go through so much bullshit just to send a friend request? Because the powers that be at Facebook seem to be a bunch of fucking assholes that like to micromanage everything.

A friend of mine is taking a month off of Facebook. If I run into more bullshit like this I will just be tossing Facebook. It isn't worth putting up with such rank stupidity.


  1. Facebook better be careful, there are so many people who are fed up with them and are just waiting for the next best thing to come along.

  2. DC

    Yes. If it weren't that I talk to some friends and family on it I would just toss it. I rarely use it now.