Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mook of the Week

After Hurricane Earl died down I went for a drive to look around. I ended up in Cow Bay at Silver Sands beach. They have a nice little parking lot there. It wasn't full when I got there, and there were some empty spaces when I left.

Some asshole driving a piece of shit white Camry, Nova Scotia license CDJ 182 decided he could park wherever he wanted. Of course that would require parking in an area clearly marked no parking. Parking in an area that people have to BACK UP INTO in order to get out of their parking spots. Ignoring the second little lot that had some empty parking spaces. That is quite a bit to ignore but hey CDJ 182 was clearly the mook for the task.

CDJ 182 is a pretty common mook. These are the idiots you will see that park in fire zones, handicapped spots, or any where they want to. The kind of idiots that flout not just the rules but also common courtesy.

CDJ 182, you are just a common mook and will probably never achieve anything better in life.

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