Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hurricane Earl Arrives

Earl is making himself known and he hasn't actually made landfall yet. Some rain and heavy gusts of wind are lashing the city. CBC is reporting that some morons are on the rocks at Peggy's cove. Bloody mooks. The police have had to close off the road heading in to Peggy's Cove because of these idiots. So, some poor cops have to be stuck out in the hurricane because of mooks. Let the mooks drown I say.

We have the first damage of the hurricane in our yard. A branch is down off of a tree on our fence. Funnily enough, it is at the exact same spot as the branch that ended up on our fence from Hurricane Juan.

Last night mom and I went out to Lawrencetown beach to see the waved before it got bad. It wasn't that impressive. There were a LOT of people out at the beach though. A few in the water. Traffic heading to the beach was heavy.

GOD DAMN! A branch just ripped off of a tree and went sailing by my window! And I don't mean a little sapling either.

The Weather Channel is now saying Earl could make landfall in Halifax. 26,000 households have no power. Ten minutes later and they are saying 29,000.

The lights just flickered. I hope the power doesn't go out but won't be surprised if it does. Time to log off and batten down the hatches.

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