Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just tell China to piss off!

Damn. Once again someone backs down from China.

This time the Japanese are releasing the Captain of a Chinese fishing boat that ran into Japanese patrol boats. Instead of prosecuting him they are kowtowing to China's demand to release him.

A couple of years ago Chinese fishermen illegally fishing in Korean waters murdered a Korean Coast Guard officer. It was one in a long line of problems the South Koreans have had with Chinese fishermen. The fishermen come into Korean waters armed. They have kidnapped coast guard officers. Beaten them. Murdered them. And the South Korean government did jack shit to back up the Coast Guard. They refuse to arm them and not much happens to the Chinese fishermen.

Hell, even George Bush blinked after the Chinese ran into a US patrol plane and forced it to land in China.

If you are just going to let China ram it up your ass you may as well hand your country over to them now. It makes me shake my head to see countries just take the shit China is shoveling.

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