Thursday, September 9, 2010

Parking Wars?!?!?

I had trouble getting to sleep last night and nothing good was on TV. So, I went channel surfing. Lo and behold what monumental craptastic show did I come across? Something called "Parking Wars".

Parking Wars is an A&E created reality show that looks at the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Basically, cameras follow them around as they issue parking tickets, put boots on cars, deal with people who have come to pick up their impounded vehicles, and of course heaping abuse on them for doing their job. It lasted three seasons and they are talking doing a fourth season?!?!?!?

"Who's Your daddy" is probably the lowest reality TV shows can go. Parking Wars is setting the bar pretty low though.

Hmmmm ... I have some great ideas for reality shows. Bus Wars where they fol,low bus drivers around. Mail Wars where we see the trials and tribulations of the letter carrier. Hobo Wars where they can see the life of the homeless and let end each episode with a no holds barred fight where the winner gets $20 and a card board box.

They actually pay people to do drek like tyhis? Damn. I am in the wrong job.


  1. I know! They should have a TV show with second rate comic personalities and cute girls performing silly stunts. Whenever something funny happens, they should play it and replay it endlessly, putting in subtitles, sound effects, and canned laughter so that even the densest, most obtuse moron understands that an amusing event has occurred.
    Oh wait.... Koreans already do that.
    Maybe if they dub it in English?

  2. heh :) Oh god some of those shows that were on when we ate at Popeyes! I always enjoyed eating on the patio more. :)