Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don't you hate it when ...

... you run into stupid people and don't have our camera?

Today is a good example of that. I was out walking the dogs with my mom. We are coming up to a crosswalk and there is woman, kids in the car, yapping on her cell phone as she makes a turn.

I was just commenting on it to my mom, and the fact that I didn't have my camera, when another car pulls up. The guy driving is yapping on his cell phone and his dog is half out the back passenger window. He also makes the turn yapping away. I said to my mom"He is on a bloody cellphone. Jackass."

He heard and took offence. He slammed on his brakes, just out of the intersection, and shouts "What did you say?"

"I glared at him and said "I said 'He is on a cellphone. What a jackass.' Why?"

He huffed and drove off. I don't know why he was upset. It isn't like I lied or called him a racial epithet. I called him for what he is, a jackass. He is lucky my mom was with me or I would have told him he was a fucking moron. (I try not to swear around mom.) If he is that sensitive to jackass his head would have exploded at that.

He proved just how much of a jackass he is by slamming on his brakes and stopping where he did. His dog could have gone flying out the window or he could have caused an accident.

I guess my answer satisfied him. He didn't lip off. He just drove off. Truth hurts eh? Jackass.


  1. A woman in a pickup pulled out in front of my dad the other day, missing his bumper by THAT much. Didn't look around at all, and sure enough was on a cell phone. Jackasses/mooks are everywhere, and you have to be vigilant or they'll cream you.