Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mook of the Week

Yesterday my mother and I went to one of my Brother-in-law's cottage on a lake. It was a nice drive down Marine Drive except for one asshole on the way out.

Mom was driving. The road was empty ahead of us and at a glance it was behind too. Then I could hear a noise in the distance. I knew it was a car, it sounded like the guy needed a new exhaust. The speed limit was 70KPH and we were doing about 71-72 KPH.

The next thing we knew, on a DOUBLE SOLID yellow line, with a car coming in the opposite direction, some mook decides he had to pass.

Like I said we were doing 70ish. Mr. EPU 779 (Nova Scotia license plate) blew past us, must have been doing at least 100KPH. Driving his piece of shit noise maker with yellow rims.

At least he waited until he was well enough past us to get back in the proper lane. We were worried the moron was going to cut us off. Mind you I wouldn't have liked to be the go coming up in the other lane. He is close enough that the morons car is blocking the view of him.

A couple of minutes up the road (at 70 KPH) the speed limit dropped to 50 KPH. Mr. Mook was still blazing away through there. We caught a glimpse of him way ahead . Mind you I would rather have an asshole like that WAY ahead of me than nearby.

Mr. EPU 779 (Nova Scotia license plate) you are a menace to other drivers and a fucking stupid mook.

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