Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finding Shampoo

It was kind of funny today. I needed to pick up some shampoo. In South Korea the problem was a language barrier. Was it Shampoo or conditioner or body rinse or 2 in 1? It wasn't always easy to tell even when you could read the label.

All I wanted today was some shampoo. Well there was shampoo for dry hair, oily hair, long hair, and the list went on. Finally I found regular old 2 in 1 shampoo, although would have been happy with just shampoo. I had to go through several shelves until I found it.

It reminded me of Denis Leary's coffee skit. I can relate to his problem because I just want coffee flavoured coffee. There are just too many choices and flavours. Too many stupid one. Cappachino, frappachino, it is all CRAPachino to me.

I am not difficult to make happy. Really. Just give me coffee flavoured coffee and regular old shampoo. But not together. ;)

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