Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Birthday Apathy

It is kind of strange but if my Sister-in-law hadn't asked me about the exact day of my birthday last Friday I would have forgot about it. I haven't actually been home for a birthday since 2001. In South Korea I always looked forward to it, which struck the Koreans as strange. Here I find myself fighting apathy. In some ways it just doesn't seem real.

South Korea is a great place for a birthday if you want to party. It is affordable and fun. unlike here where going out can be very unaffordable on a good day. It is why we tend to have pre-drinks at friends houses or just have parties at home.It makes me miss my friends back in Korea a lot more. Especially Stig.

One birthday memory that has always stayed strong is the birthday song. No, not friends and family badly belting out a tune. The Beatles birthday song. From about Grade 5 until his last year with us Dad would always play it. By playing it I mean sneak into my room, usually moving speakers to strategic locations, and then cranking the volume up to 11. :) I always woke up with a start on my birthday back then. Luckily it never tarnished the Beatles for me. ;)


  1. Your dad's tradition is giving me ideas.

  2. Uh oh ... I gave Stig ideas. :)

  3. What a great memory of celebrating your birthday with your Dad...what a cool Dad!