Friday, August 13, 2010

The Colony

Last year I watched a reality show called "The Colony". It was about a group of people simulating survival in a post-apocalyptic world. The premise was interesting.

For me it was the suspension of disbelief that I had problems with. No matter how "rough" it was they KNEW it was a simulation. or should have. The bulk of the people were some kind of mechanical, electrical, or construction genius. It was a little hard to swallow.

Not to be a horn dog but in a real survival situation where you are basically trying to rebuild society there are things that would happen that don't when you are in a controlled experiment. No couples paired off. With the attendant problems that can bring. Not a lot of lethal protection was used or made. Some was, but it was used in a non-lethal way. After all, how lethal can you make it when you know it isn't real?

There is now a second season going. The same sort of problems with belief are around.

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