Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Full of themselves.

I like watching some reality TV shows. There seems to be a trait that is common in most contestants. They are full of themselves.

Take Hell's Kitchen for example. You have Ben. all through the season Ben was going on about how great he is as a cook. He will win the competition. Now Ben didn't win very many challenges. Chefs he talked down about and to won more than him. Yet, he would whine about how he should have won. He is the better cook. Better skills, palette, training, etc. Wah wah wah.

So it comes down to the last show. he was kicked out the previous episode. He left prattling on about how great he was. What does he do on the finale, whine about how it should be him.

Dude, one of the greatest chefs in the world judged you and found you wanting. It is extremely arrogant to keep going on that you are the best. Reality showed you weren't.

I forget the guys name or the season but one guy was a complete tool in the kitchen. He was a chef. He got tossed in the middle of the season after a pretty crappy showing overall. As he left he was going on about how great he is and one day he will have a restaurant beside Ramsay and put Gordon out of business. Oh yeah, some dumb fuck who can't do basic kitchen duties is going to do that. He just looked like a whinging putz.

I suppose people that self absorbed make for interesting TV because of the controversy factor. Sometimes it is fun to hate them. :)

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