Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Internet Heroes

What would a world be like without assholes? It could be a nice place. The internet abounds with assholes of all shapes and sizes. One of the most pathetic is the dreaded Internet Hero.

They sit, probably in their basement, wrapped in the safety of their anonymity. That way they can make comments that they would NEVER make in public. Or threaten people. They are never braver than when you don't know who they are and they think you can't fight back.

I remember back when I used to help run an internet game. Many people who would break the rules and get in trouble would start making threats. They thought they were safely hidden away and would make all kinds of treats to inflict bodily harm on me or my family. Or to kill me. Over a game. Kind of pathetic eh?

You see this type of person all over the internet nowadays. Whether it is in a forum like Dave's ESL, or the Kamikaze Kimchi Kommandoes, on YouTube, of even in chat rooms. They seem to take a perverse amount of pleasure acting out worse than children. Acting in a way they know would get their ass handed to them in reality or see them arrested. They will make the most outrageous claims and comments but only because they think no one can find out who they really are.

They are more than a little pathetic. The only way they seem to be able to make themselves feel good, or important, is to anonymously attack people. Then they scurry away back to their holes basking in the false sense of power they have. "I showed that person I called them an and said I would kill them. I am so awesome!"

On a popular Korean Ex-Pat Blog you have one anonymous asshole "calling out" the blogger. And when the blogger doesn't seem interested the asshole starts to gloat "me 1 you 0" or some such nonsense. Let's see, some anonymous Internet Hero challenges me to come and fight them. Oh yeah, I will rush right out and meet the potential psycho.

Seriously, to make an anonymous threat like that and then to gloat because someone doesn't accept your psycho challenge doesn't make you a great person. It makes you pathetic. But such is the hubris of the Internet hero that they believe their own hype.

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