Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Appointment with Friends

Does the title sound stupid? What would you think if a friend called you up and said "Ok let's make this day at this time the time we regularly meet?" Would you think that was ... strange?

A little background might help you understand where I am coming from. Most of my friends have moved away since I went to Korea. There are really only 3 left, plus family.

My best friend is married and I am godfather to his son. I rarely see them. He is usually busy on weekends with family stuff. Plus he works all week. I can understand, to a point, not hanging out.

Another friend I see usually every weekend. We get together Friday or Saturday's, usually with one of my brothers. Cigars, booze, and talking. It is nice.

The third friend I rarely see. Whether he is employed or not I rarely see him. now when I first got home from Korea this time I saw him quite a bit, and he was working. Then hanging out with him became infrequent to rare. He would cancel at the last minute. I talked with him the Sunday before my birthday never heard from him again until a week after my birthday.

When he called he wanted to set "a day" for us to meet. actually an evening. Every Tuesday evening we would get together after 6. I was a little gobsmacked. He wanted to make an appointment to meet regularly? He was serious. Fine.

It just struck me as incredibly weird. What the hell is wrong with someone if they have to set a weekly time to meet a friend? My time is usually pretty free. The only plans I have made in advance are Saturday nights at my brothers. Sometimes I go Friday.

It is raining now, and it is Tuesday. Since his idea is to come and sit outside and smoke cigars and talk I wonder if he will cancel. I wonder whose cigars he planned on smoking?

Having to make an appointment to see a friend? That just sounds fucked up to me. Am I wrong to think this is strange?

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