Thursday, June 3, 2010

What the ... Bieber?

I was going to lead with "Leave it to Bieber." but i figure that has been overused already.

Ok, give me a little leeway I had been out of the country for 9 years and didn't follow the news. So, when I first heard about this, my first week home, I didn't know who or what a Bieber was. Was it a mutant Beaver? A new porn star?

The buzz in the news was about his new haircut. Oh wow! What Earth shattering news. A friend informed me that a Bieber was actually a person. A popstar that has all the teens girls hearts a flutter. Unfortunately, I say unfortunately not because I hate Bieber but because I just don't give a shit about him or most pop musicians, I saw a news story on it. I started laughing my ass off. His great haircut reminds me of what you would see on Korean male pop stars like Gay errr G-Dragon. God damn! I can't get away from the pop crap. Same p-crap different country. Both have girlie hair.

Why am I writing about this now you ask? Good question.

I was watching the news this morning. (Ok it is still morning, saw the story about 10 minutes ago and started writing this.) A breaking news story was about Bieber fans once again making death threats. A while ago Bieber joked that Kim Kardashian was his girlfriend and she started receiving death threats. Now someone came up with an app that would block anything Bieber related from your computer. Of course the creator is now getting death threats.

As an aside, to the person who created the app for firefox to block out Bieber related stuff named the "Bieber Shaver". Kudos. The app name made me laugh up some coffee. Calling it Shaved Bieber would have been funnier but what the hell.

Seriously, parents, you really need to start teaching your kids better. Kids have been going ape shit over their pop stars since the first neanderthal started banging two rocks together but I can't recall ever hearing about so many death threats being sent out until the last decade. (Discounting the case of Ooog vs Agug since it happened before recorded history.)

Of course, the internet makes it easier but still, don't parents teach their kids any self control? Any responsibility? I hope the parents of the kids that sent the death threats get taken to task for it. Maybe then it will trickle down to the kids.

Damn! If I, or any of my siblings, had done ANYTHING like that the wooden spoon would have been out. Our parents raised us better than that so it never happened, not even when one of my sisters was swept up by Beatle Mania.

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