Saturday, June 26, 2010


My poison of choice is rum. I like a good scotch, especially if I have a good cigar to go with it. But my first love was black rum. Not white rum, it tends to be shite. Amber ... ok. Spiced, good at Christmas. Black rum. now that is good drink. Goes well with cigars too.

Growing up we used to eat molasses from time to time. Mom would give us some molasses in a bowl and a few slices of bread. Mmmmmmmm. My brother liked, well still likes, it on his pancakes. Good black rum should have a molasses flavour to it. It always reminds me of the childhood treat.

It is hard to get good rum in Korea. Hell they consider Bacardi to be a quality rum! Bacardi!!! Good god you know someone has been deprived of good rum if they think Bacardi is a quality rum!!!

There is some palatable rum to be had. Cheaply too. In Korea I would recommend Captain Q. It isn't bad. Quite palatable. But it is hard to impossible to find Captain Morgan or better. I could find good rum in China and Japan. but not Korea.

Now that I am home I still get goosebumps when I go to the liqour store. The choice of rums is great in the regular LC. In the big stores it is AMAZING.

Just take spiced rum as an example. There only used to be ONE kind of spiced rum. Captain Morgan's Spiced. Now there are at least 8 different kinds I have seen. Regular dark rum? Great googily moogily! There is SO much choice now. The big LC has a shelves running down one side of the store that is all rum! And I want to try it all. :)

My favourite rum, since I was first introduced to it, was Goslings Dark Navy Run. It is GREAT with ginger beer. When mixed together the drink is called a dark and stormy. I am imbibing one as I type. :)

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