Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Health Care Differences.

My mother had surgery less than a year ago. A previous operation left her with THREE hernias. They fixed them.

It looks like she has another one. This means she needs to see the surgeon again. Today she heard from his office they are making appointments for LATE SEPTEMBER! Over THREE bloody months away just to see the doctor so he can send her for an ultra sound or MRI to confirm it is a hernia. THEN she will have to wait for surgery!

What the kimch ... errrr ... Maple Syrup?!?!?

She got a call back a while later saying they just had a cancellation and they can get her in June 30th. If it hadn't been for that she would have to wait over 3 months. Bloody ridiculous!

A far cry from walking into the Doctor's office in South Korea.

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