Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cell Phones

I miss the cell phone plans in Korea! The ones in Canada are shit on a good.

A friend gave me a cell phone so I went to see about getting it activated. I worked for AT&T in the U.S., basically, doing customer service over 10 years ago. I remembered how crappy their plans were then. I found out that the ones in Canada are no better today. Unless you ONLY makes calls between 6pm and 6am IF your plan gives you unlimited minutes then.

Basically, they charge you coming and going. When you make a call out to someone it is taken off of you minutes, of course. If you go over your minutes then you are charged for each minute you are over. That makes sense. It is expected.

Now the insane part. If someone CALLS YOU you are charged for the INCOMING call minutes! If/when it goes over your plan minutes you are charged for each minute.

Screw that noise!

I never paid for incoming calls in Korea. The person calling me, if it was from a cell phone, was responsible for them. Had a great international calling plan too.

I decided that I don't really need a cell phone now. :)

In Korea I would have been lost without my phone. In Canada I can do without.


  1. There's a million little ways they find to screw you.

  2. 한국은 숫자 1입니다

    1. When comparing cell phone plans with Canada, hell yeah!