Friday, June 11, 2010

Bad Neighbors

God damn my neighbors are mooks! Two sets of them.

The neighbour to our left and the one on the other side of them are, to not use an expletive, MOOKS. Mooks of the Nth Order.

Both have dogs. The immediate one has 3. The one on the other side have 2. All their dogs do is yap. All day. All night. You can't enjoy your back yard with neighbors like these.

The immediate neighbor, to the left, has caused me headaches for years. At one point they had FIVE dogs. I never said too much because I was always visiting, and my mother doesn't like confrontation. Basically, you can't go into the back yard. if I opened the door to let our dog out, who doesn't yap and yap and yap, they would start. If I was BBQing they would start. If I was talking to the neighbor on the other side they would start. They wouldn't stop until well after you went back inside. If they heard someone on the bicycle paths they would start. if they heard a car door they would start.

It can be hard not to to hate a dog for that. Especially for me. I have little patience. But it isn't the dogs fault. It is the owner. They never taught the dogs better. They go to work, leave them out. They just leave them out barking.

Now they have three dogs and the yapping goes on.

Then there are the neighbours on the other side of them. They have two dogs for the last 2 years. before that only 1. That one dog barks constantly all day and night. People have had to call them at 1 or 2 Am to bring their dog in because it is out there barking. When they go to work they leave the dog out. Now they leave both out. Their dogs are actually LOUDER than the dogs beside us.

Now, and this is funny, the far side neighbours complain to people that the dogs of the nearside neighbour prevent them from enjoying their back yard ... because they do WHAT THEIR FUCKING DOGS DO. Yap all the time when someone is in the backyard.

I would like to take both of the owners and start smacking their heads together until ... well ... lets not go there.

I have never encountered such an inconsiderate bunch of mooks in Canada before. Hell, they make the loudspeaker mooks in Korea look kind.

Now that I am home for good and living here I got tired of the BS. I like my backyard. I like sitting out with friends, having a cigar, and talking. I like playing with my dog. hell, I like just going out back and soaking in the silence. I called animal control and lodged complaints.

Lo and behold, the day I lodged the complaints I started seeing results. Fucked up results but still results. I made the complaints in the Am. At 5PM the far assholes dogs started barking. For an hour, off and on, they were at it. Interspersed were shouts of "SHUT UP" from the owners. Later that evening a friend and I were out enjoying a cigar before the hockey game and the near assholes dogs went on for over an hour. A few times the owner would yell "Be Quiet!" or "Shut up!" None of those really worked. the dogs calmed down on their own.

What REALLY strikes me as ... insane ... is that at NO TIME did the owners try to BRING THE DOGS IN. Seriously, assholes, if the dogs won't stop bring them in. All they did was yell at them.

It has been quieter, but unfortunately for the dogs it means the assholes just keep them inside.

I give it a weke or so and the situation will be back to the bad old days.

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  1. I talked with the animal control officer about the problem. I was informed that a dog has to bark NON-STOP for TWENTY minutes before they can lay charges. If it barks 19 minutes stops and starts again too bad. Fuck me!