Sunday, June 13, 2010

Canada and Soccer

Both I and another poster made disparaging comments about Canada and soccer on another blog. I believe we both said Canada sucks at soccer.

Another poster, "This Is Me Posting" took umbrage with this and replied thusly;

"Argh. I don't like it when people say Canada's national football team sucks when they rank higher than New Zealand, North Korea and South Africa (all of whom are in this year) and they have to compete for a spot in the World Cup against Mexico and the US.

Mexico is a traditionally stronger team, US has more money. 2 out of three means Canada's team is usually 3 and they're out. We're not strong, but considering the funding we put in the sport and the competition we have, I can't say we suck."

His comments opened my eyes a bit. I had never really thought of soccer in Canada just the fact we rarely if ever make the World Cup and usually lose out in our division, the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF).

Soccer actually has a long history in Canada. The first recorded game was played in Toronto in 1859. The first recorded football association outside of Great Britain, the Dominion Football association, was formed in Toronto in 1877. In fact there are MORE registered soccer players in Canada than hockey players!!!

That blows my mind! Mind you it shouldn't. Hockey is expensive. One of the reasons soccer is so popular worldwide is that ANYONE can play it. You just need a ball, or ball like object. No special equipment. Hell, you see kids playing it with no shoes in some countries.

Our National team does well in the CONCACAF. We actually won the Gold Cup in 2000. Currently we are ranked 63 out of 202 National Teams in FIFA. 15 points ahead of New Zealand. 20 points ahead of host South Africa. 40 points ahead of North Korea (How the hell did THEY get in the World Cup?)

I am starting to think that saying "We suck!" is being too harsh. The Canadian National team plays better than that and deserves more respect than that.While they aren't the greatest or in the top 10 they are a far cry from the worst.

Thanks for the eye opener "This Is Me Posting".


  1. 대한민국

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  2. Canada ... Hockey ... your mom. Life goes on.