Thursday, May 27, 2010

Doggy Day Camp

Sometimes my mother found the dog too much to handle. It isn't that he was bad. He just needs to be walked and wants to play. Sometimes I think he gets lonely.

A couple of years ago she found a doggy day camp, as she calls it, to send him to. It is called Camp Bow Wow. Ruger is a very social animal. He loves meeting people and dogs. Even cats. Most people are afraid of him because of his size, he is a German Shepherd. But he is a love bug. Camp Bow Wow even has web cams so you can see your dog playing and socializing.

Ruger loves to go there. He gets very excited if you ask him if he wants to go to Doggy Day Camp. As soon as he gets there he tries to get into the main area before they let him. Last time someone opened the door and he just waltzed through.

As a Christmas present the siblings and I bought mom a lot of gift certificates for mom. They are good for an overnight stay. She drops him off around 1 or 2pm. She picks him up the next day between 4 and 6. It gives her a break and lets him play. He always comes home tired.

It was hard sometimes watching him on the video when I was in Korea. I missed playing with him. It is nice having him around again. When I had the flu really bad 2 years ago, at its peak, I was actually hallucinating that he was in my apartment keeping me company.

Today we are sending him to Doggy Day Camp so he can play with his friends. He is already excited. :)

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