Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The sounds of silence.

After being home 1 full day and change I have to say the strangest thing so far is ... the lack of noise. In the evening or at night I can step out onto the back deck, breathe in the air, and hear very little. Compared to Cheongju it is silent.You can hear the odd car off in the distance and some kids and their dogs faintly. But by Korean standards it is quiet. Even during the day it isn't as noisy. It is both nice and eerie at the same time.

I was going to post some travel pics but I managed to lose my cable to hook the camera to the computer. Mind you I am NOT complaining. If that is all that got lost in transit that is a good thing. I will pick up another one later today.

Tonight will be game 7 of Montreal vs Pittsburgh. I should have been home in time for game 6, which the Habs won! Go Habs Go!!! Thanks to the fickle finger of fate I wasn't. But I am here for game 7 baby! Good cigars, rum, family, and hockey. Life is damn good. :)

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