Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Habs eliminate Pens!!!

Oh what a feeling. The Montreal Canadiens routed the Pittsburgh Penguins 5-2 to eliminate them and move on to the conference finals!

Hard to believe I have been home 2 full days. I missed game 6 thanks to flight delays. Habs won forcing a 7th game.

I watched it at my brothers house with family. Pre-game my brother and I smoked an R&J Churchill with Captain Morgan's Private Stock rum. Damn fine sipping rum and a 1st class cigar. I taught my brother how to use a wooden match to punch a hold instead of using a cutter. He is now a convert.

Then came the game. My niece's husband said it would be Montreal 6 Pittsburgh 2, and he is not a Habs fan. The score was 5-2 in the end. My sister-in-law provided great munchies for the game.

Damn. No one expected the Habs to get this far, even fans. Everyone thought the Washington Capitals, the number 1 team while Montreal was number 8, would beat them. The Caps had them down 3 games to 1. Montreal had to win EVERY game after that (3) in order to win. And they did!!!

Then they had to face the number 2 seed Pittsburgh Penguins. Everyone thought the Pens would win. Montreal forced it to a 7th as well and won!!!

Bring on the Conference Finals!

Go habs Go!!!!

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