Thursday, August 27, 2015

What the ... Duggar?!?!?

Josh Duggar, a name that has become synonymous with extreme hypocrisy, is in the news again.

He first became "news" by being one of the Duggar clan. A fundamentalist Christian family that espouses no sex, even no kissing, before marriage.

Then he became famous, or rather infamous, when it became known that he molested 5 underage girls when he was a teenager. (Which isn't to say it is OK to molest females who are of age.) Two of those girls are his sisters. This was kept from the authorities and he was "treated" within the Fundamentalist community. When it became known he was "cured" of it.

Then it came out that he subscribed to the Ashley Madison website and had affairs. So much for those great Christian values about fidelity.

THEN the magazine In Touch Weekly printed an interview with Josh's mistress, stripper and porn star Danica Dillon. And Joshy likes it rough.

What is he in the news for now? The reason why he has strayed and the steps he is taking to save himself. He is addicted to porn. That is why he is such a hypocrite. It is all the fault of porn. Not the repressive nature of his fundamentalist upbringing. But porn.

Oh yeah, and he is going into rehab for his addiction.

Wow. He is joining the ranks of those who claimed sex addiction when caught being a misogynistic or cheating asshole. What a fucking cop out. But about what I expect from someone like him.

Why take responsibility? He was taught growing up that everything was God's will, Why take blame when you can just say it was the will of God? I am almost a little surprise that this hasn't been blamed on God testing him and him failing. If God hadn't put the temptation there then he wouldn't have fallen. Instead it is the cop out "not my fault I have porn addiction".



  1. Whenever Christian fundamentalists open their mouths, I know that sooner or later they'll be shoving their foot in there, as well.