Saturday, August 15, 2015

Thank you Eastlink and *60!

I have to say dealing with incessant assholes calling to scam me or push their product is so much easier thanks to *60. I had problems with a constantly calling cunt a few years ago and the Eastlink customer care person I talked to told me about the wonders of *60. It still serves me well. :) I just wish I could block more than 12 numbers. I haven't had to block that many but I wish it was an unlimited number. :)

For those who don't know and are Eastlink users:

As soon as you hang up on the annoying assholes enter *60.

Listen to the instructions. You will be told to hit #01# to block the last number that called you.

Badda boom badda bing. Asshole blocked. :)

It is so easy it is scary. :)

What prompted this was a call from yet another scammer tonight. Some piece of shit calling from 1-761-425-8935 trying to tell me that my computer was sending out some sort of distress message and I needed to trust them and give them access.

Fucktards. I trust no one but my mother and my dog.

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