Saturday, August 1, 2015

DOA: Dead or Alive

I was perusing a site and saw a blurb about a movie called DOA Dead or Alive.

The set up was interesting enough. A group of female martial arts experts are invited to take part in DOA. A competition. Well, that is how it seems.

The fight scenes so far, 11 minutes in, have been great.

Devon Aoki. Mmmmm.

Three, oops four, women who have been invited are the core of the story. Men have been invited but at this point who cares. :)

Right off the bat I was thinking of .... Blood Sport. Kumite! Kumite! Kumite! The movie has about the same amount of plot to it. But it works. Kind of like, well, Blood Sport and Desperado. Yet so much better than the Street Fighter movie.

Still not caring that guys were invited. To be fodder. :)

OMG ... her father bit her in the inner thigh. :) Oh to be Kevin Nash. :)

Holy shit there is a plot. Of sorts. But now the Martial arts women are playing volleyball so who cares. :)

Oh yeah bitch the glasses are off!

It is a good movie to watch if you just want to see some fighting. It doesn't take any thinking. If it was as bloody as Desperado it would have been better. :)

A good way to while away some time.

Hokey ending but I liked it. :)

I didn't know it at the time but it is based on a video game.

Hmmm ... now I want to watch Blood Sport again. And Desperado.

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