Saturday, August 22, 2015

Devil's Pass

A co-worker recommended the movie Devil's Pass to me. So, I watched it tonight.

It is about a group of documentarians, is that a word? A group of people going to film a documentary about a group of Russians, supposedly 9, that died in Dyatlev Pass in the Urals.

Strange things start happening as soon as the group gets to Russia. They are told a man they want to interview is dead. However, he is in the window holding a sign basically telling them to leave.

They meet a bartender's Aunt who was Nurse there when they found the people in the pass. She says there were 11 not 9.

The weirdness continues. When they get on their way it starts to remind me of The Blair Witch Project. Group of documentarians encounter strange shit but don't actually see it. Foot prints around their camp. Shit like that.

It isn't bad so far, I am am about 43 minutes into it, but it isn't that good. Better production values than Blair Witch Project, but that was sort of intentional to give BWP the feel it had.

Oh and no I don't think it is the Yeti following them. Mind you, it could be. But the one in charge says it isn't because they don't exist. Why would she be in charge if she didn't know these things. ;)

And the Geiger counters are picking up stuff. Can you see this Jensen? Oh Jensen! There is a door!!!!! A door in the middle of the mountain that locks from the outside. Of course they will open it. Wouldn't you? Nope. I would get the fuck out of there.

Oh yeah, let's leave the door that is already unlocked until tomorrow. Wow. Impeach your leader!

Orange lights in the sky. Hmmmm.

Holly has been strangely drawn to this place.


Holly and Jensen head for the door. Oh, and of course the cameraman goes too. He is omnipresent.

And they go in. Why am I having visions of the voice in Amityville Horror telling the priest to "Get Out!"?!?!?

Don't power up! Get out!

I like that this movie has me thinking. It isn't the greatest movie I have ever seen but it is entertaining me.

Damn! It works the Philadelphia Experiment into the movie!!!! :)

Ewwww they found his tongue earlier.

Feh ... why not switch batteries. Heh. :)

Ok ... I won't give anything else away. I like this movie. :) It isn't the best but it made me think. And I was right, which makes me like it even more. Being right is usually good. :)

Damn ... I see sequel.

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