Monday, February 18, 2013

What the ... showing now?!?!?

I turned on the TV for a change and hit the sports channels. I was ready to finally watch a hockey game. Since the lock out, not a strike like too many fucktards call it, I have not watched a game this "season". It was strangely easy. I am still pissed off with the owners locking the players out and then settling for something that could have been agreed upon in August or September, well before the "need" to lock out became a reality.

Montreal is playing. Is it on any channel? of course not. A documentary on the Oilers is on. Two fucking shows about Golf are on. Ok, to be fair, one of them is on the gulf channel. Curling is on. Damn I like curling but would rather watch hockey. No hockey. No Habs. But the fucking Kardashians are whoring themselves out on a channel. The fucking (no pun intended) Kardashians are on but the Habs aren't? Fuck off.

I was finlly ready to watch a hockey game and there was NONE on. Fuck you NHL. Right up the ass.


  1. I've watched a few games, but I've been too busy with schoolwork to pay much attention to hockey this season. I've not thought of any way that I can influence or hurt either party in this situation. They all acted like idiots, and wasted our time with their bullshit. I think every fan should get a chance to slap either one player or one owner. it'd be only fair.

  2. Since it was a lockout and not a strike I blame the owners more. Especially since what they ended up agreeing to could have been done long before the season should have started.

    I say smack Bettman and the owner of your choice. :)