Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shit Morons Post .... to get attention.

I saw this idiots post on Facebook a few days ago. One of my "friends" had liked it and shared it. Just another attention whore on facebook looking for his 15 minutes. Well, here is some negative attention for you.

Your Mommy told you that eh? Your Mommy is a fucktard. Which explains why you are one as well. They don't get $5 Million for going to training camp. MOST don't even make that a year.

I actually understand what you are trying to say IF you are genuine. If you aren't, and you are just another attention whore I understand that too.

If you are so against the injustice of athletes making obscene amounts of money stop supporting them. Stop watching sports broadcasts. Stop buying merchandise. Stop reading their books. Stop buying things from their sponsors. And never ever go see them in person.

Then start a lobby group for soldiers to try and get the government to pay them more money. Unfortunately you cannot take any contributions that have anything to do with professional sports in any way. That means no money from the organizations. No face time from the athletes. No accepting anything that will allow your cause to be used by anyone supporting sports.

When you are REALLY doing all that you will be a person standing by their principles and not just another internet fucktard looking for attention. Then I will actually respect what you are doing.

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