Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Tale of Two TV Shows

Revolution ... the back story was actually more interesting than the main story. The main story, all electricity shorted out somehow. Some magical/scientific thing cancelled all electricity. But some magic amulets allow it to work. I found myself not caring when the next episode came out.

Arrow ... a revamped Green Arrow. The back story is as interesting as the main story. Both stories are damn good and leave you wanting more. I want more! Now!


  1. I gave 'Revolution' a shot because one of the characters was played by Elizabeth Mitchell, who I liked when she was on 'V.'
    But the show degenerated into a bad mish-mash of other shows such as 'The Hunger Games.'
    What I especially hated about it was the character of the girl, who was supposed to be the moral compass of the group, but kept acting out like a petulant teenager and getting caught and used as a hostage by the bad guys.
    Just atrocious, that's all I gotta say.

  2. Yeah ... I don't miss it. Another show with potential that was squandered away.